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Are you organizing an event, party or conference?

Art2connect provides a fun and creative framework for your group so they can express their collective story through art.

  • ART2Connect, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, sets up a fully equipped on-site art studio at your venue and assist your group in the creation of one big unique work of art. 
  • Our TEAMUP2Connect and PARTY2Connect programs put an end to the same old way you meet and replace it with a fun, engaging and creative experience that creates colorful shifts of perception.
  • The ART2Connect experience results in one unique piece of art that is made by and for the people who envisioned it and brought it to life. Instead of having a mission or values statement hidden from view, we help you create an actual artwork that tells your story.


  • Help you to redefine your mission, vision or story from a creative perspective, which results in an artwork that can be put in the spotlight to inspire change and inspiration.
  • Create an opportunity to view and bring out individual differences as something fun and interesting to play with.

If the Art2Connect experience speaks to you, check out our programs below!

Hello, I’m Mariette Leufkens!

Everyone is creative, whether we describe ourselves as artists or not.  From stick-figure artists to Renoir proficiency, during my events all artistic levels are welcomed!  Art2Connect was born from a belief that creating art is all about PLAY and does not have to be an intimidating undertaking.  I believe the stereotype we hold of the lone and talented artist cut off from the rest of society is an outdated one that imprisons all the other people who are not “artists” and their innate creativity.  I created Art2connect to throw off some of those shackles and help ignite untapped creativity in YOUR group!